Swimming training

Swimming training

Operates in the period: 01.06 - 01.09.2024

Contacts: +359 888 980 919 /9:00 - 17:00/

Address: Tennis center „Santa Marina”





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SWIMMING personal trainer

20 BGN

18 BGN

16 BGN

SWIMMING group training

(child up to 10 years for a group of 3-5 participants)

16 BGN



 * All rates are per 1 hour 


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Our proposal for your swimming instructor for the season 2024: 


Rules for swimming lessons 

Swimming lessons can be organized and conducted solely by an authorized coach possessing the corresponding certificates for this activity.    

To provide a quality service to children, during swimming lessons we advise parents not to stand at the edge of the pool, if it is not specifically required by the swimming instructor, as it can easily distract the kids and hinder the efficiency of the lessons.

Going into the water before a swimming lesson is controlled by the instructor. Kids wearing inappropriate swimming outfit will not be allowed to participate in the lesson. Swimwear is considered to be the only appropriate outfit.

Going in the pool with food and drinks during the lessons is not allowed. Chewing gum during the swimming lessons is absolutely forbidden. The use of flippers, snorkel, goggles and any other type of equipment can be allowed solely after consultation with the instructor. The use of toys is not recommended as part of the lessons.

The conduct of all participants in the swimming lessons should follow the safety regulation in the swimming pool. The safety of the participants and those using the pool is monitored by the instructor.

The duration of a lesson with an instructor is 50 minutes.

In order the reserved playing hour to take effect the child / children need to be on the pool on time.

The reservation will be kept up until 15 minutes after the beginning of the reserved time. If players don’t show up, instructor will be considered free to use.



If ordering a service at Office located at Tennis center, Villa 310 or via e-mail, additional fee of 10 BGN applies. The fee does not apply if you make & pay your reservations personally via smpm.bg.



Force majeure clause: 

The parties are relieved of liability for complete or partial failure toconduct the prepaid lessons or training time due to force majeure circumstances: rain, hurricane wind, sudden and unpredictable illness of the user. 

In case of force majeure, the user is obliged to contact personally on site the sports activities coordinator within 3 days of the event and to change his / her training time at a convenient for both sides time. The same applies to a user's illness, who must also notify by email or by phone his / her impossibility to attend the booked time on the same day as scheduled. 

After expiring the above-mentioned deadline and non-fulfillment of the conditions, Santa Marina Sports Center will not owe compensation for the missed reservation.


Cancellation or change of training time:

 Subscribers have the right to cancel or change / reschedule 10% of the declared and paid times. Reschedule is permitted only under the following conditions:

 Reserved times are cancelled at least 24 hours before the training

 Cancellation can be made personally at office located at Tennis center only

 Missed classes can only be rescheduled in the same time zone (price zone)

 When changing a scheduled training with coach, the club has the right to propose an alternative coach for the particular hour

 In case of “no-show” without warning for which training with coach has been reserved - 100% of the fee must be paid