Tennis Club Santa Marina

Tennis Club Santa Marina

Operates in the period: 01.04 - 31.10.2020

Contacts: +359 888 980 919 /9:00 - 17:00/

Address: Tennis center „Santa Marina”

Tennis center “Santa Marina” is part of the “Santa Marina” holiday village in Sozopol. The facility has 8 outdoor tennis courts with a hard surface Green Set® and night lighting. The courts combine comfort and superb sea views to ensure a tennis game worth remembering. In order to fulfill all the needs of visitors, the courts are located close to a restaurant, bar and a children’s playground.

Through time the good location and reputation of the tennis center have attracted many local, national and international tournaments. In 2017 “Santa Marina” hosted the world’s most prestigious event in men’s tennis – the Davis Cup. The FPI Hotels chain, which “Santa Marina” is part of, also organize two tennis tournaments every year. 




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08:00 - 11:00 h

35 BGN

33 BGN

31 BGN

11:00 - 17:00 h

25 BGN

23 BGN

21 BGN

17:00 - 20:00 h

35 BGN

33 BGN

31 BGN

20:00 - 22:00 h

40 BGN

38 BGN

35 BGN

Private lesson with coach (extra charge)

30 BGN

30 BGN

30 BGN

Private game with coach (extra charge)

40 BGN

40 BGN

40 BGN

Tennis racket rent (extra charge)




TENNIS group training

(child up to 10 years for a group of 3-5 participants, includes rent of court)

28 BGN



Practice with external tennis trainer 
/bookings and payments to be made only in office Tennis Center/

80 BGN

80 BGN

80 BGN

* All rates are per 1 hour 


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Tennis court rules and regulations - TENNIS CLUB “Santa Marina”


All open courts part of tennis club “Santa Marina” are for the use of the owners of apartments in Holiday Village Santa Marina, all guests in the complex, as well as outside players who wish to reserve playing hours on the courts.

The following rules and regulations are listed for convenience and protection to all players using the tennis courts:

1. Tennis courts can be used only in case of a reserved time in the court schedule and a prepaid fee.

2. In order the reserved playing hour to take effect the player/players need to be on the court on time.

3. In case of a waiting list for a reserved tennis court, the reservation will be kept up until 15 minutes after the beginning of the reserved time. If players don’t show up, the court will be considered free to use.

4. No more than 4 players per court are permitted.

5. The order of use of the tennis courts follows the schedule with all reserved and prepaid playing time. The schedule can be checked online at or at the Tennis center.

6. The duration of a lesson with an instructor is 50 minutes, as 10 min. is the needed time to bring the tennis court ready for use by the next player.

7. During a tennis lesson, the trainee might have  to collect all the balls used by him/her.

8. Group training is conducted by an authorized trainer and it includes 3 to 5 participants at predetermined times.

9. All tennis lessons are exclusively conducted by tennis instructors authorized on behalf of tennis club “Santa Marina”. Exceptions are permitted only in case of an expressed in advance wish for an outsource instructor to the club. The use of all tennis courts in such cases should be in line with the schedule of the professional instructors teaching in tennis club “Santa Marina”.

10. All outsource tennis instructors can use no more than 3 balls for their lessons, as utilizing a whole basket of tennis balls is considered a violation of all predetermined rules and regulations. Outsource instructors are responsible for the tennis balls that are used and the way their lessons are conducted so that they don’t hinder the lessons of other instructors. 

11. The duration of one lesson with an outsource instructor may not exceed 60 minutes. In case of more than 2 players on one court, using the same court for a longer period of time should be agreed in advance with the other instructors.

12. No food or breakable objects are permitted in the tennis court enclosure.

13. All players are required to wear tennis shoes with non-marking soles. Bare feet, sandals and street shoes are not permitted on the courts. All players must wear shirts.

14. Game equipment including skates and skateboards, toys, play pens, wheeled vehicles including bicycles (except wheelchairs) and shoe skates are not permitted in the tennis court enclosure.

15. No pets are permitted in the tennis court enclosure.

16. All players using the courts must keep the courts clean and safe during and after their play time.

17. Tennis club “Santa Marina” is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property use on its territory.



If ordering a service at Office located at Tennis Center, Villa 310 or via e-mail, additional fee of 10 BGN applies. The fee does not apply if you make & pay your reservations personally via


Force majeure clause:

The parties are relieved of liability for complete or partial failure toconduct the prepaid lessons or training time due to force majeure circumstances: rain, hurricane wind, sudden and unpredictable illness of the user.

In case of force majeure, the user is obliged to contact personally on site the sports activities coordinator within 3 days of the event and to change his / her training time at a convenient for both sides time. The same applies to a user's illness, who must also notify by email or by phone his / her impossibility to attend the booked time on the same day as scheduled.

After expiring the above-mentioned deadline and non-fulfillment of the conditions, Santa Marina Sports Center will not owe compensation for the missed reservation.


Cancellation or change of play times

 Subscribers have the right to cancel or change / re-play 10% of the declared and paid times. Re-play is permitted only under the following conditions:

 Reserved times are cancelled at least 24 hours before the game

 Cancellation can be made personally in office next to the Tennis Center only.

 Missed classes can only be re-played in the same time zone (price zone)

 When changing training with coach, the club has the right to propose an alternative coach for the particular hour

 In case of “no-show” without warning for a time which has reserved tennis court and a coach - 100% of the fee must be paid.


The following are reasons for dismissal from the courts

  • disregard for the tennis courts rules and regulations
  • drinking alcohol and smoking while kids playing on the neighboring courts
  • unsportsmanlike conduct, violating the play of the other players, profanity, tennis racket and ball throwing
  • improper attire or improperly soled shoes
  • abusive behavior towards club staff or any other staff of the village



Tennis etiquette

1. Talk quietly when standing near tennis courts that are in use.

2. Never walk behind a court when a point is still in play. Wait until the point is over and then cross as fast as possible.

3. If people are already on the court, don’t disturb them, until their time is up.

4. When you are ready to play, put racket covers, ball cans, jackets, bags, etc., out of everyone’s way and ensure everything is secured from the wind.

5. Do not chase errant balls into another court while play is in progress. Instead, wait for the point to end before retrieving balls.

6. Always return balls to the proper court. Never pick up and play with balls that roll onto your court from adjacent courts

7. When sending balls back to a neighboring court, roll them on the back of the court. Never send them back into the court while play is in progress.

8. Clean up after yourself. Make sure the court is ready for use by the next players.

9. Notify the instructors or any authorized personnel when courts require maintenance.

10. We thank everyone for the compliance with all the rules and regulations of tennis club “Santa Marina”