Dear Owners, we are offering you "Digital TV - system package" service.

For receiving a digital signal it is necessary for you to get a digital decoder.

Digital TV - system


Digital decoder *

1 unit

125 BGN


Ca modul *

1 unit

125 BGN



TV Package Premium


1 month

30 BGN


3 months

60 BGN


6 months

105 BGN


12 months

180 BGN


Package offers

Internet up to 20 Mb

Internet up to 50 Mb  

packageInternet + TV for 6 months**

200 BGN

230 BGN


packageInternet + TV for 12 months**

300 BGN

320 BGN


Each following TV

/same TV package/

10 BGN/month


Reconnection service fee ***

20 BGN



* Prices include Smart card and device's initial set up.

** Reconnection fee is charged if within 5 days after expiry of the prepaid package it has not been renewed.

Prices are in Bulgarian leva and include VAT.

Management of the complex reserves the right to change the nomenclature and prices of services.


All prices are calculated in Bulgarian leva, VAT included. The management of the complex reserves the right to change the list and price of the services offered.

It is important to know that:

  • You should have a receiver in the apartment (a receiver may be connected to one TV only);
  • You should have an analogue cable to connect the TV to the receiver;
  • You should have two remote controls - one for the TV and one for the receiver. The channels are changed from the receiver's remote control.


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