Power supply

The electricity in south-eastern Bulgaria is supplied by the Austrian company EVN Bulgaria. Each apartment in Santa Marina Holiday Village is equipped with electricity meter, which is located in the main board at the entrance of the apartment. The electricity meters have individual accounts, which will be transferred to the owners after the signature of the title deed. Prior to that day, the owners shall pay the electricity bills in the Management Company's office located in villa 310.

You may pay the bills yourself or take advantage of our services: we may pay for the electricity consumed on your behalf and at your expense (please see the section "Deposits and Fees"). If you decide to pay your electricity bills please, inform us in writing in order to avoid any possible duplication.

If you decide to pay your electricity bills, upon receipt of your written waiver of our services, we will deliver you the so-called ITNumber which is required by EVN Bulgaria. The ITNumber - the Measurement Point Number - is a unique 7-digit customer number, which is used for obtaining information or cashless payment.

You should know that in case of late payment of your electricity bill by one month EVN Bulgaria will disconnect the power supply. The Management Company will not be responsible if the owners have chosen to pay their bills and their power supply has been disconnected due to late payment. The reconnection fee of EVN Bulgaria is 7 BGN. 

The electricity consumed will be recorded by the bill collectors of EVN Bulgaria. The Management Company will make payments against the original invoices received from EVN Bulgaria. Only in the cases where the electricity meter has not been transferred yet in the name of the new owner, the owner shall pay according to the readings taken by the technicians of Santa Marina Holiday Village.

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