Obligations of the owner

Once the title deed of the new property owner in Bulgaria is ready, i. e. upon registration of the property with the Registry Agency, the owner shall fulfil a number of obligations.

To sign a “CONTRACT FOR MAINTENANCE AND MANAGEMENT OF THE SANTA MARINA COMPLEX” with FairPlay Property Management - management company form provided for by law by notarial certification of signatures

The foreigners shall register with the Registry Agency at the relevant District Court (in the case of Santa Marina Holiday Village this is the Burgas District Court) in order to be able to pay their property taxes. The apartment itself shall also be registered with the Cadastre Office in the name of the new owner.

To open an account in the Electricity Distribution Company you shall complete the appropriate form, submit a copy of your title deed and pay the registration fee for the electricity meters. The office of the Electricity Distribution Company is located in the town of Primorsko.

You may register yourself or may authorize us to do this for you. More information may be found in the section Services.

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