The Management Company offers wired and unlimited Internet. There are separate areas with wireless internet access within the complex. You may purchase an additional device (at request) to ensure the availability of wireless Internet in your apartment. You may prepay for the service for at least 1 month. All customers who have prepaid for the service for 3, 6 or 12 months will receive a discount.




Internet upto 20 Mb

Internet upto 50 Mb

1 month

40 BGN

80 BGN


80 BGN

120 BGN

6 months

120 BGN

160 BGN

12 months

168 BGN

200 BGN

Package offers

Internet + TV package for 6 months

200 BGN

 230 BGN

Internet + TV package for 12 months

300 BGN

320 BGN


Additional services



95 BGN


Setting of router

30 BGN



It is important to know that:

  • You should have an internet cable, which should be connected to both the socket and computer;
  • If you have replaced your laptop / computer, you should give us your new IP address.

Please, find attached the instructions for connection to the Internet , the instructions for connecting to the Internet using Windows VISTA and WIN 7.


Management of the complex reserves its right to change the nomenclature and prices of services.


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