The insurance of your home is extremely important for both your peace of mind and during the winter months when most of the properties in the complex are uninhabitable.

There are five reasons to insure your home:

1. To protect your property and investment from force majeure such as fire, lightning, storm, hurricane, heavy rain, flood, earthquake, etc.

2. To protect your property from water leaks.

3. To protect yourself in case of abusive behavior and burglary.

4. To limit your liability to any third parties.

5. To truly care for your second home!

We recommend you to insure your property in order to provide your peace of mind!

You should know that if you want to take advantage of the service "Rent as a Hotel", you shall insure your property.

You may find more information about the appropriate insurance for your property in Santa Marina Holiday Village in the section Services or you may contact our insurance consultant.

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