First steps

Congratulations! You have already owned a property in the complex and you are a part of the large family of Santa Marina! Here you will find some useful information and advice about your property.

In your summer home

Now you have full ownership of your apartment and it's time to enjoy it. In your first stay there, please spend some time to check if everything in the apartment functions properly. In case of any failure, do not hesitate to inform us, so we can correct it on time.

Sometimes, during your stay in the holiday village, you may lack some things from home. These may be furniture, equipment or some other things. At your request, we may help you to obtain the items that you need or may provide you with information where to find them in order to ensure your comfort and cosy atmosphere in your apartment in Santa Marina Holiday Village.

We recommend that you visit the Management Company’s office in Villa 310, where you will always receive the necessary assistance. Make sure that you have your copy of the maintenance contract of the common parts in the resort. You may get a copy maintenance contract in the Management Company’s office.  

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