Do not forget!!!

To protect your property in Santa Marina Holiday Village from any problems in the winter months during your absence, we recommend you to take the following steps when leaving the complex after the summer holiday:

1. Insure your property - for more information you may contact our insurance consultant.

2. Authorize the Management Company to monitor the condition of your apartment and benefit from the package "Winter Care" (more information may be found in the section Services).

3. Before leaving the apartment, stop the water from the stopcocks, make sure that the refrigerator is turned off and that there is no food available therein; stop the stopcocks of the washing machine and the dishwasher in the apartment.

4. Place convection heaters, which may automatically switch on if the temperature falls below + 5оС, and water trap in order to prevent possible occurrence of mould.

5. Stop the refrigerator from the button and leave it open to ventilate.

6. Bring in the furniture and awnings from the terrace, if possible, and draw/raise the blinds of the windows, since they may be broken by the high winds.

7. Check if all lighting fixtures in the apartment and those on the terraces are switched off.

8. Disconnect the fuses except for the main one and this of the contacts if you have left a convection heater turned on!

9. If you want to leave the electric scheme switch on, please write a note and stick it on the scheme, otherwise, during the inspection of the apartment, our colleagues will switch it off in order to prevent any possible operation of the appliances in the apartment.

10. Do not forget to leave a deposit for the payment of your utility costs by the Management Company during your absence.

11. If you have changed the latch of your front door, please leave a copy of the key to your apartment in the office of the Property Management Department, located in villa 310. Your property will be entered only for a sound reason and the key will be delivered by the signature of Acknowledgement of Receipt.

12. Remember to inform the receptionist when you leave the complex (at the end of your stay). Thus you will help us to monitor your property.

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