Access to Your property

Once your property is transferred at the signature of the title deed (except for in case of deferred payment when you will receive your keys prior to the signature of the title deed), you will receive your keys by signing the Acknowledgement of Receipt. From that moment on, the Management Company shall not be entitled to enter your property, except for in case of accident or at your express written request.

You may change the entrance door latches at any time after the signature of the title deed. In this case, it is in your interest to provide a key to the Management Company, which will be used for access to the property in case of any accident in your absence.

If you have changed your latch and have left a key in our office, you will be provided a record (at your request) containing information about the weather, who have entered your property in the complex and when.

If the Management Company has a key of your property and you want it to provide access to your apartment to other entities and persons (friends, relatives, external companies, etc.) you should submit a written notice of your desire, indicating the specific date / period and the persons, who should be provided access to your home.

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